Cartographical Publishing House Polkart was established in 1989. From the beginning its goal was to elaborate and publish maps, city-maps and atlases.
First work was Atlas for the youngest (Atlas dla najmłodszych), published in 1990, together with Geokart and NOWA. Great size and thick cardboard were its characteristic features. It was the first such kind atlas in Poland.
Next atlas was elaborated in 1994–97. It was Geographical atlas of the World for secondary school (Atlas świata dla szkoły średniej), published together with Geokart-International and NOWA. Its characteristic feature was binding in a leaflet-binder.
Next atlases were elaborated for M. Rożak, publisher from Gdańsk. First was Atlas of Poland (Atlas Polski do III kl. gimnazjum) (1999), second was Atlas of nature (Atlas do przyrody) (2001). Two next atlases of nature we prepared for Żak publisher, first part in 2001, the second in 2002.
Paralelly, from 1997, in our company series of Tatra mountains maps were established to prepare, together with Sygnatura. First was a map of Tatra National Park (Tatrzański Park Narodowy) in 1:25 000 scale, published in 1998. It has got several awards. Winter map, prepared for Olympic 2006 Candidate Commitee was its variation. In 1999 city-map of Zakopane (plan Zakopanego) in 1:12 500 was elaborated and a map of Pieniny National Park (Pieniński Park Narodowy) in 1:25 000 scale. In 2001 a map of Tatra National Park was extended to High Tatras (Tatry Wysokie), award, and West Tatras (Tatry Zachodnie) in 2002, both in 1:25 000 scale. In 2002, too, a map of Tatras and Podhale (Tatry w całości) – award – in 1:50 000 scale has been published. In 2005, 2007 and 2009 we’ve got next awards for our latest maps and atlases.
The second company series of the maps, beginning in 2004, was group of Beskidy Maps (Rodzina beskidzka) together 9 maps in 1:50 000 scale, covering practically whole polish Carpathian Mountains. The third was group of Sudety maps (Rodzina Sudecka) beginning in 2013, similarly covering almost all polish Sudeten. These are 8 map in 1:50 000 scale.
In 2013 we have prepared official political map of the world (Świat – państwa i terytoria niesamodzielne 2013) published by Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography.
Our publishing house engage in paralelly preparation of different kind of projects. These are among others, maps for magazines and school-books as well as various kinds of maps of Poland, counties and communes. We work with advanced GIS tools using rich Polish spatial data, official and commercial, DTM from LIDAR scanning as well as up-to-date orthophotomaps.