Completing atypical spatial data requires field work with GPS. For many years on this way we verify and enrich traffic information, touristic, nature and others on our maps.

Cechy techniczne map
Treść map
  • work with devices ensuring 2–5 metres accuracy
  • walking tracks, tracks made by car or by bike, with 2 metres sampling
  • POI with attributes according to needs
  • shp, gpx, kml, kmz, dxf files
  • data sheets of laser measurements
  • tracks with date and time of measurement, useful in verification of roads and routes
  • POI, determining the position with an accuracy of 1:25 000 scale maps, with styles containing information on a number of specific attributes as object category, name, special features, administrative affiliation
  • odistances and azimuths of POI
gathering tracks and POIs

bicycle with GPS device

work with cameras