Up-to-date and high resolution digital elevation model and digital surface model give possibility of generating spatial visualisations small areas as playing fields as well as counties or regions.

Cechy techniczne map
Treść map
  • an image giving the illussion of three-dimensional
  • raster pdf, jpg or tiff format files
  • size from 10×10 cm to 1,5×1,5 m, resolution appropriate to final usage
  • licence for number of copies, volume or unlimited
  • design fitting needs of the client
  • the map or aerial photo as a background, drapped onto the digital elevation model
  • thematical data from the client as a foreground
  • view from specified point or an aerial view
  • view including or not real surface
  • natural or artificial colours, highlighted essential attributes of the terrain or three-dimensional objects
  • typical map of the region contained by the visualisation, facilitate orientation – as an add-on
  • geographical names on the image, descriptions of objects, results of geodetical measurements and other
  • possibility of usage in land use planning or investment process
  • possibility of usage in promotion of touristic values

Samples of the offered visualisations:

2,5D view with aerial photo

2,5D view with touristic map

2,5D view with topographical map

2,5D view with topographical map and colour hipsometry

sky-line from specified point with aerial photo

range of the visibility from the point

excursion route

vertical profile

2,5D view with buildings

2,5D view with descriptions